How lazy can you get with an airport?


has a mac beyond repair
You go out and buy an apple airport extreme base station and card for your powerbook g4.

now i wanna know people...just how lazy do you get when you realize youre free to roam your house with your laptop?

dinner? the bathroom? sleeping in and typing like me in bed?

let me know!


Putting the AirPort on the porch of my apartment and heading down to the pool. Almost direct line of sight (I live on the third floor). Bed for sure and grilling on the barbecue on the porch while having my fave columns and e-mail read to me (Voice Box).


Just sitting outside is fun. Can't wait till summer so I can setup a picnic in the nearby park and surf the net at the same time.

Airport is amazing. I never thought I'd be able to go to my neighbors house and still be surfing the internet through my ISP. :)


no wifi here, but there're two or three phone outlets in every room in my flat, so I'm online where ever, on the balcony, on the bed, on the couch...

Haven't tried on the can yet, but the outlet is there.:D


oh boy...
i surf the net from the bathroom, the kitchen while eating... the couch, my bed, outside, ect. ect... :D

I usually use it in my room... where the base station is :)


pds said:
Haven't tried on the can yet, but the outlet is there.:D
Funny, I have. I don't answer the phone when I'm in there, and I find myself setting IM to "Away" when I am. Just doesn't seem right... :D

Thanks to WiFi, though, my "main" machine has become my PowerBook on my coffee table..


drunkmac said:
...just how lazy do you get when you realize youre free to roam your house with your laptop?
Just realized that I can get VERY lazy...

Surfing the net, chatting on iChat, and watching TV, all at the same time. :D

I don't do it often though. ;)

mr. k

God if I had a wireless laptop (my dad has a 500 mhz P3, but it sucks) I would never find myself watching tv without it. Tv is just too unproductive -- I always try and do some kind of work while I'm lounging in front of it. And I have tried to use my dad's wireless, but it just doesn't cut it for me. The thing is slow as a rock, heavy as a rock, and about the size of a boulder. Gimme a 12" pb!


What you can do with an Airport connection?

watching internet porn while having sex


Alex x

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Darkshadow said:
Get a TV in your room. :p

says Darkshadow while he's posting this and watching the History Channel

I've been thinking about TV over a network since i've got my 12" pbook wifi set up. How hav you gone about it?


Man, I could probably do so much more with my iBook and my network if I had a working keyboard on it. :( Right now I just drag around a little mouse whenever I move. But that means I can't type properly when I chat.

*BTW-Clamshelled iBooks are PERFECT for using a mouse on the go. They have this little extra space near the trackpad (on both sides) which is like a small desk for moving the mouse around!


has a mac beyond repair
quick update:

works in bathroom during long periods of time.
works in bedroom.
works on sofa.



iMac Dual 2.0 17'
I just recently got the new iBook, and have been using it exclusively over my desktop. I can have it on while watching Football in the living room. In the summer having internet access outside is sweet.


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chenly said:
How lazy can you get with an airport? Ask the management of Logan International.
LOL, I just flew back from Atlanta to Boston. You think Logan's bad, try Hartsfield. I usually don't have any problems there, but I've never seen so many underpaid, lazy, slackjawed employees in one airport...

Logan's only been under reconstruction for what, 28 years now? It's probably put the Big Dig to shame...


I have a daily ritual (during the week at least):
I get home from the office, take my pb out of my bag, and allow myself some quality time in the bathroom. ;) (for ou seinfeld fans, my pb's 'marked')
I mean, hey, I've been on the train for 45 minutes, there's email and news that happened in that time!

otherwise, I use my pb/airport anyplace in my house.
For those of you who are married, you may understand this one -
my wife wants me to be in bed next to her when she falls asleep, so I surf the net and do what ever work I have while she falls asleep next to me. ??? whatever, I get done what I need, and she's happy.