How many OS 9s needed?


Well, any minute now I'll be receiving my new OS from FedEx!!! I've heard several things about running OS 9 (while booted off of OS X).

First, OS 9 shouldn't have all too many extensions & such in there. Second, if it crashes, typically only OS 9 needs to be re-launched.

Are these true, and that my version of Photoshop 6 and QuarkXPress 4.1 (as examples) will only run under OS 9 when booted from OS X? If I need the full extension suite I was used to using, can I boot up into my older OS 9 that I was using before installing OS X (which would make it 3 systems; one OS X with its' clean OS 9, and my typical OS 9)?

Lastly, can these all live on my main hard drive partition? (I have two internal hard drives, a 9.5gig with 4gig free, and a slave? 19gig with 11gig free.)

Great news... just got my package! :) So any quick response would be awesome so I can go play with it!
Yes, Photoshop & Quark will only run under 9 (Classic) in OSX. Yes, you can still start up directly in 9 when you need to. You shouldn't need to all that often.

You can enable & disable OS9 extension sets right from Classic System Prefs, so you should be able to get by with just one install of 9. If you do go with 2 9's, I'd put them on separate partitions.
First you need OS9.1 not 9, and yes Photoshop 6 works fine in classic don't know about quark though. You can switch between OS's with no problems at all. It all works very smoothly. Been using my X for about a week now (the final)