How many students here ?!

I am a...

  • University Student Going for my MA

  • University Student Going for my BA/BS

  • High School Student

  • I am just a student of life ;)

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Simply Daemonic
How many students are here ?
University (BA or MA) or High School ?!

Dont you wish you were NOW ?! ... I do :p

from graduate work in mathematics. I was specializing in differential topology and came out to Minnesota to see one of my professors from Stony Brook, and stayed to see what winter was like. Now I'm trying to save up to get back home and finish up.
I intentionally left out PhD ;)

I like studying...sometimes though it seems that it doesnt end :p
I was looking at what I have to do to get my BA:
Spring 2002
German 302(Advanced German II)
Russian 102 (Elementary Russian II)
Computer Science 310 (Advanced Data Strucures)
Computer Science 444(Intro to Operating Systems)

Summer 2002
Computer Science 420 (Intro theory of computation)

Fall 2002
German 230 (German Culture in the 20th century)
Russian 201 (Intermediate Russian I)
Computer Science 320 (Applied Discreet maths)
Computer Science 622(Theory of Formal Languages)

Spring 2003
Russian 303 or 306 (Comm in Russ or Busness Russ)
Russian 202 (Intermediate Russian II)
Computer Science 630(Database management)

(russian is just a hobby)

And then I took a look at what I would do for my master 9I know I am getting ahead of myself :p)

Fall xyz
Computer Science 622 (Theory of Formal Languages)
Computer Science 615 (User Interface Design)
Japanese 101 (Intro japanese)
Chinese 101 (Intro Chinese)

Spring xyz
Computer Science 646 (Computer Communication Networks)
Computer Science 624 (Intro to theoretical CS)
Japanese 102 (Intro japanese)
Chinese 102 (Intro Chinese)

Fall xyz
Computer Science 680 (Advanced Software Engineering I)
Computer Science 681 (Laboratory in Software Engineering I)
Japanese 201 (Intermediate japanese)
Chinese 201 (Intermediate Chinese)

Spring xyz
Computer Science 682 (Advanced Software Engineering II)
Computer Science 683 (Laboratory in Software Engineering II)
Japanese 202 (Intermediate japanese)
Chinese 202 (Intermediate Chinese)

(chinese and japanese are just hobbies)

I was debating the whole PhD issue because at my iniversity its just 4 courses + dissertation past the masters....

So taking all of the above in mind I have 3.5 more years till I get my masters... oy!

At least I will be one multilingua son of a b* ;)

I don't know how it is at most places, but in the OSU math department, they basically list you as PhD. track no matter what. At least, I think they do. I don't think anyone here's going for a masters, so I can't really verify this.
Just a measly HS student here, can't wait to get to college though. At least there I can have a enlightened debate with someone. Back here, all I get is "mac is whack" as a reason for buying a PC.

After explaining ergonomics to them, what do I get?

"mac is whack"

I'm glad their minds are confined to a PC. If they had macs, they might be able to do some real damage to the society.

WOW, this is a fun thread, anyway, i was thinking about operating system interface design for college. Anyone know anything about this? It's either that or molecular bio.

Dont ask me. I dont know how i picked them either.
Originally posted by Red Phoenix
I don't know how it is at most places, but in the OSU math department, they basically list you as PhD. track no matter what. At least, I think they do. I don't think anyone here's going for a masters, so I can't really verify this.

It is the same way at UCSD the last time I checked.

As for those high school kids saying "mac is whack", it reminds me of the Dell TV ad out now. A kid and his mother are looking at computers at some store, and another guy (friend of the kid) who doesn't seem to be very bright talks the mother into buying a Dell. It really doesn't say much about people who buy Dell computers (I had the same feeling about the guy in Apple's "Middle seat" TV ad for the iBook though).
I love the middle seat ad -
The part where he does the movie in iMovie and he says "thats my girlfriend" lol :p

In any case, at UMASS (boston) once you apply for a graduate degree you are listed as a PhD by default and *if* you wish to stop after 30 credits you can graduate and get your masters.

If you wish to continue you must pass a writen, and oral, and a technical writing exam, and then you can take 4 more courses, and your dissertation course, do your disertation and you have your degree (PhD).

I think I will do it like "the weakest link". Stop after my masters, "bank" the MA, and then try to continue with my PhD (so that if I screw up I dont put my MA in jeopardy).

After my MA the only thing I need for my PhD are:

FALL xyz
Computer Science 697 (Special Topics)
Computer Science 644 (Operating Systems)

Computer Science 720 (Logical Foundations of CS)
Computer Science 724 (Algorithm Theory & Design)

Fall xyz
Computer Science 889 (Disertation Research)

which ads another 2 years ... so if all goes well... PhD by 2007 :p he he.. by then I will be 26 ... aaahhh where does life go :eek: ????

Oh oh... need to find a girlfriend soon!!!! :eek: dont wanna be alone till I get my PhD :p
Yeah, the degrees usually go like this:

Two year: AA (if this is the end of your schooling)
Four year: BA/BS
Graduate work: MA/MS/C.Phil./PH.D./MD

Is it that different in other parts of the world?
Rochester Institute of Technology-

Chasing a little white mechanical rabbit on a runner with a BFA in New Media: Design and Imaging staples/bolted to it.

I think the rabbit is winning.
On an aside not, I think they should seriously reconsider the title "BS" ... I mean.. how professional does it sound if you say (literally) "I have a BS in CS" :p
University are considered 'second-grade'

If you want to be an engineer (thats high-class in France, top-of-the-range) you do a 5-year enginering school, not university. University is only good if you want to spend 8 years in it and do research after.
And to make things a bit more complicated, I am in one of the three universities in France which are also Engineering schools ;-) Which mean the place has a university-like system, but that at the end of my 5 years I'll get a proper engineering diploma =)
Yes europe marches to the beat of a different drum :p
So you would be in something like a college where you get your BS (since you are an engineering major) and then if you wanted to move onto the universoty thats where you get your masters and/or PhD

...except the EU walks to the beat of 15 differents drums, as far as education is concerned ;-)
The english system, for exemple, is more like yours.