how much can I get?

I have an iMac DV SE 500MHz 768MB RAM 30GB HD DVD and I'll throw in my external 30GB USB HD and a canon BJC-6000 printer(USB)....and if it helps I have Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X 10.1 on it
just wait a tiny bit more and for the GM that I can probably get you because 10.1 is still a bit unstable and the GM will probably be done around the 13th or the 14th
No problem, if you feel that the release will be that soon, I will wait for sure!
I am so excited! 10.1............I sure hope XP is a real let down. I spoke with a comp usa dealer whom has always been a windows user, he has seen an XP demo (actuall in store demo) from microsoft and he told me his next computer is a G4!:D