How much space was that?


Ok so normally I am pretty good with computers. Normally I can find most of the features on my own and things are good. This isn't one of those times. Why do i feel like i have no clue how much space anything takes up in OS X? How do I find out how much free hard drive space i have? And how do i figure out how much space the things I am throwing away take up? What happened to it telling you before it emptied the trash? Anyone know???
Well, you can get disk free/used space from the View Options item in the Finder's View menu, but I think you're out of luck with the trash thing. Too bad. I kinda liked that.

The Finder has a status bar that shows you free disk space: View > Show/Hide Status Bar

I also miss having the amount used in the empty trash panel - it's even worse, because that was the only useful thing about it, and there's no way to turn it off in OSX
For those who don't fear the Terminal,

du -sk ~/.Trash

should tell you how much space (in K) is in your Trash...
It would appear using du does count any resource forks as well; just created an empty file:

touch hi

and du -sk hi says it's 0k, of course. Then create a large, bogus resource fork:

dd if=/dev/zero of=hi/rsrc bs=1024k count=5

now du -sk says it's 5megs...

Still trying to figure out how to add a steak knife to it though (hi/steak didn't work).