How much would you pay for this...

How much would you pay for this Mp3 Player?

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cocoa love
Hi there it's whitesaint. Just wondering how much this Mp3 Player i've been working on is worth, and if anybody would pay for it. Please vote! I've been working on this for a while and it's pretty spectacular...



Simply Daemonic
It looks good whitesaint,
but what does it have that other (free) MP3 players dont ?
Thats what really determines worth :rolleyes:

LEt us know:cool:


cocoa love
Well, i know this isn't much, but it has options of realistic aqua, lightning, and fire visualisations. It is also the only App i know of that has a CustomView and CustomWindow that is able to minimize. On top of that it is skinnable. What i have right now is the default (Aqua) UI. It has playlist support, and i'm not sure I'f I'm going to keep this, but i have the words of the current song spinning in a circle. The most easiest thing to implement is that it has full opacity (transparency) effects. I don't know, but if i was a consumer for this product, i would think this would be worth $10...