How much would you pay for this...

How much would you pay for this Mp3 Player?

  • $10.

  • $5.

  • I wouldn't pay for it.

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It looks good whitesaint,
but what does it have that other (free) MP3 players dont ?
Thats what really determines worth :rolleyes:

LEt us know:cool:
Well, i know this isn't much, but it has options of realistic aqua, lightning, and fire visualisations. It is also the only App i know of that has a CustomView and CustomWindow that is able to minimize. On top of that it is skinnable. What i have right now is the default (Aqua) UI. It has playlist support, and i'm not sure I'f I'm going to keep this, but i have the words of the current song spinning in a circle. The most easiest thing to implement is that it has full opacity (transparency) effects. I don't know, but if i was a consumer for this product, i would think this would be worth $10...