How nice


OS X Server, the final release... :mad: not even close.

I've spend the last couple of days configuring an OS X server with NetBoot and/or NetInfo and i can say that Apple made some mistakes releasing (and selling) this product at this moment.

Just a peek at the problems i encountered :

- 8 out of 10 times the administrator tool won't start. Or the "specific server can't be found on that address" or "the authorisation failed". Apple acknowledges this problem
- NetBoot won't install if you don't log in as root user
- There are many things that require the root user, and i hate to use the root because it will mess up your log's, root prefs, etc and than, when there are problems, you can't see whether you made changes or the "real" root did
- Making the NetBoot range in DHCP manager and it just adds 254 (my configured range) new "netboot001" "netboot002" etc users which you'll have to manually give another name !
- Configuring NetBoot : aaargh ! To many tasks to perform, just tooo many. For instance : i'm not very fond of Macintosh Manager. Just give me a NetBoot configuring tool or something
- Fileservices : the standard privileges are so not-logical. Everyone can see every user folder that excists by default. Again : you'll have configure it manually
- NetInfo, i won't even start with that one...

As i said before : just a peek.

I'm not mad because it's wasted time or something, on the contrary, i learned a lot and found it intresting, but i'm mad because of Apple released it so soon,... to soon

The boys from the Apple supportdesk where stunned with some technical details i came up with (eg : just perform a network check on the same network with a OS X Netboot server and a handfull of clients and you'll see what i mean, just to mention one) and didn't disagree : something has to change quickly.

Now i'm just waiting for a update. A big one. One of 1 gb or so. ;)

After all i still say : Mac OS X,... Let the revolution begin !