How screwed am I...


I was playing command and conquer generals this morning on my dual 1ghz mac g4 when I got a crash. It didn't just boot me out of the program, and the restart screen didn't appear. Instead the picture stopped and the sound kept skipping. This has been known to happen from time to time, so I held down the power button for a forced shutdown. When I went to boot the computer back up.. the trouble began.

I press the power key, and the computer sounds like it's starting up for a short time. However then the fan kicks in REALLY LOUD and no picture comes up. The display shows nothing and the keyboard (and even the display's power button) becomes useless. Holding down various keys (such as attempting to boot from a cd or command-option-P-R) do not work, in fact, the eject key doesn't even open the disc drive.

*edit*... to turn it off again after this, I need to do another forced shutdown. It also might be important to mention that there is no apple startup chime

All this happened because of this one crash... can anyone tell me what the problem is ... and what I should do to fix it ... or how screwed I am? Thanks


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If you're comfortable working inside your machine without destroying components with static electricity you could try rearranging your RAM chips. Look for memory that has failed. Perhaps something has come unseated. Reseat all cards, chips, plugs, fans, etc. Or perhaps it's your power supply.. Or . . .

Do you have a good local computer store (that sells and services Macs, of course)? You could describe your symptoms and try to get some free advice.