How should I set up my drives?


I'm getting a brand new G4 MP with a 20GB HD, to which I'm going to add a 30GB Maxtor IDE drive.

How should I connect/partition my setup? I want to have one partition for OS 9, one for OS 9 to be used with Classic, one for the public beta, one for all my apps/documents, and one extra that I can repartition later for Linux.

If OS X can't be installed on the slave drive, could I set it up like this:

20GB Master
5GB MacOS X partition
2GB MacOS 9 install for Classic
13GB for Linux or anything else cool in the future (I know I'll have to resize this and repartition for swap, /, etc).

30GB Slave
3GB MacOS 9 (my "normal" OS 9 folder for when I need to use stuff not supported in the beta)
27GB apps and documents.

Would this work? Would I be able to use the apps and stuff on my slave drive under OSX?

Since I'm starting with a clean slate, I really want to make sure that I get everything set up correctly.

Thanks in advance,

I am in a similar situation. I have 2 drives, with OS 9 in the master drive , and I was going to dedicate all of the 2nd drive (slave) to OS X until I read the info in Apple's TIL.

So this is what I did in preparation for OSXb:

I opened the case, switched the jumpers in both hard drives, so the master is now the slave, and the slave is now the master. Kinky!

It works fine. When I boot up my system, my G4 automatically sees OS9 in the slave drive and it boots from there. I will install OSX in the master, blank drive. I believe that inside of OSX you can tell it where it can find OS9, so I will tell it it's in the slave drive, and that should take care of things.

If you boot up while holding the OPTION key, you will see OS9 and OSx, you just select which one you want to boot into.
Just a quick note that I installed OS X with the set up I explained above and it worked beautifully.

It installed without a hitch and OS X already knew where to find OS 9 when I launched a classic app.