How the f%#& can I print??


I have a Dual G4 500 and HP DeskJet 970cxi now how the hell can i print =( it wont let me.... PLEEEZE help i need to print of documents urgently!
cheers and thanx in advance!

Jono Haysom
CEO & Co Founder - Halo Solutions
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Look in the Success Stories sections of this site (or just search for printing). Someone has posted a working but UNSUPPORTED driver for hp usb printers. I compiled it myself on my comp but his is the sme file. It works with my Deskjet 935c. NOTE: This is UNSUPPORTED and it is slow and does not format pages quite right (oversized margins). If you need to print something for a major project either use a networked printer if you can or boot into 9. Hope this helps :),