How to access root?


I have a refresh copy of OS X installed, and when I type:
su (to access root)
in the terminal, it asks for a password. I type in the password I gave when I installed OS X, which is for my main account (katu).

After entering that password, it says Sorry, and goes back to the terminal prompt.

How do I access root, or what would the password be, or where do I set it? I just reinstalled OS X today and slowly went through the installtion process, and it only asked me for two passwords, ones for my user account, and another for my mail account. I don't know where to set the root password, or what its defualt password is.

Please Help,

- Ka-Tu
yoiu need to go to applications/utilities and start netinfo manager. In the domain menu is a security sub menu. You need to authenticate and activate root. it will ask you to create a password.