How to add a classpath


So simple to do that I can't find out anywhere how to do it...Someday I'll be unix literate (sigh)... The docs for installing jdbc drivers for mySQL simply say 'put in your classpath' nice to know I have a classpath if not class. I have a rough idea of what's required here but no details - what's a typical location for these files and if one didn't have a typical installation how would you find this out? Finally, once I know where to put them, how do I get them there (I assume the finder won't let me move them)? is there a config file to edit?

Oboy, I get to answer myself! The command I wanted is part of the C shell set of commands (chapter 5 of Unix in a Nutshell - get it) you can use "setenv" to view your environment settings and can add new ones using the following: "setenv [name [value]]" in other words:

setenv CLASSPATH /Library/Java/Home/mm.mysql-2.0.2-bin.jar:

adds a variable (named CLASSPATH) with the following value: "/Library/Java/Home/mm.mysql-2.0.2-bin.jar:" the colon at the end is, I think, a separator so you can have more than one path listed.