How To add new Dock Minimize Effect


I was reading on CNet that there is a 3rd Dock Minimize Animation hidden in Panther and in Tiger. To enable the "suck" effect open terminal and type in :

defaults write mineffect suck

log out and log back in and you will have the Suck effect instead of Genie or Scale. This Effect is not added to the Menu so in order to change it from Genie or scale back to Suck you need to repeat the steps in the terminal again.


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The effect is flakey, at least it doesn't work right with Safari for me. Instantly disabled it again... Also: It's not the best effect you've ever seen.

Lt Major Burns

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it was reprised in tiger, actually. when you have a slideshow of images in mail open (black full screen slideshow) and it has the option to add to iphoto, click it and the photo get's sucked translucently into the icon.

the dock effect you speak of, though, is usually an option you can turn on in those 3rd party apps that also let you make hidden dock icons translucent, and also let you put the dock at the top, among other things. features not deemed polished enough for consumer release, but are still present underneath.

and no, it was never the best dock animation.


Yeah it isn't the best dock animation, it looks similar to scale in a sense. You can turn it on with Cocktail.


No need to log out. Just change the command in Terminal to this:

defaults write mineffect suck;killall Dock
This will restart the Dock.