How to adjust the tranlucence of the terminal


I've seen terminals with a translucent look to them under Mac OS X, and I was wondering if anyone could give me the command sequence to do that to mine? (if that's how it's done). Thanks.

defaults write TerminalOpaqueness 0.8

from the terminal prompt. (may need sudo)

there are several threads that give the answer to this one though already.

Yeah, I figured there was an answer for the question already posted, but being lazy and pressed for time, I decided to post instead. Thanks for your help.
Then get Tinkertool. It does the same thing, only with a nice GUI slider and you can undo it esily if you accidentally make your terminal impossible to see....

It's got some other cool options as well, such as making hidden app docklings transparent, etc...
I figured since I already posted, I'd ask another question... ;) is there any way to set a background pattern on the terminal like you can do in linux? :confused: