How to burn 4K73?


OK, I feel like a moron, but how do you burn a copy of the 4K73 disk image?

It's a format that DiskCopy in OS X will mount. Unfortunately there's no burner software for OS X. And the latest OS 9 DiskCopy won't mount the image.

So how do you do this?
It's a Toast image. Interesting that OS X recognizes this natively...

Doesn't matter, though, 'cause the CD produced doesn't install, stopping midway through the process, nattering that it is "unable to write file".


Well, the release is only a couple of weeks away, right?
LOL... I had the same trouble burning a copy of A/UX once :p

but dos it really matter now ??? the *real* thing is going to be here in less than 2 weeks ;-)
Well I just installed 4k73 last night successfully. It was a toast image, just lock the image in the get info panel and double click and that should open up toast and automatically be ready for you to write it to a disk. Once it's done burning then you should be all set, unless you downloaded a bad image
Most of the problems with downloaded Mac OS X install images relate to mounting the image before burning them. Don't do it. Just download it and burn it. Once you mount it, even just one time, you won't be able to install it anymore.

The problem has to do with desktop database or something like that. I read about how to fix it once, but I can't remember where (and I have been looking for it, believe me).
this explains my OS X problem!
hmmm.... I wonder if my original K60 image has the problem of if the copy of it that I mounted....
need to look into it :p

(problem, CD freezes on bootup)