how to burn mp3 cds with itunes??


hi all,

have an external cd-rw (lacie) usb.
so. i can burn with toast without any problems.
in itunes, too. but only when i select "burn audio cd". when i select the other thing "burn as MP3 cd" my burner hangs. (light is burning for one sec and then it happens nothing)

please help!!:confused:


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Might be a daft question, but when you insert your blank CD and the Finder asks you how you want to prepare it, are you selecting the MP3 CD option? I have had problems occasionally when selecting the wrong setting.

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Just like tismey said, select mp3 CD when it prompts you after inserting the blank CD. Then open iTunes and select all of the songs you want, by holding down the shift button while clicking. Then drag the selected songs to the CD icon. iTunes is smart enough to go retrieve all of the files.;)


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I had this same problem with my lacie external cd-burner. I found that when I inserted a blank CD and the OS prompted me to choose a format for the CD, it would fail to burn no matter what format i chose in the OS.

By simply ignoring the OS prompt to choose a format and clicking on iTunes again the OS prompt will disappear and my CD's will burn fine.