How to Burn Multiple Disc Svcds In Toast?


I'm a longtime Mac user, but just got a powerbook and am getting into DVD burning. I've run into problems trying to burn an SCVD movie through Toast.

The file I downloaded contained a disc image and an uncompressed bin file that contains the movie.

When I load the disc image in Toast, it tells me that it is a 2 CD SCVD. I drop in a blank CD and burn the first disc no problem.

I would then expect a prompt asking me to insert the 2nd disc, but it never comes.

I can't figure out how to continue burning the 2nd disc of the movie. Inserting a 2nd CD and choosing burn only repeats what has already been copied to the 1st disc.

I've searched Toast, OSX help and the forums, but I don't know what to do next. How do i complete burning the file

Any help or directions to an FAQ are appreciated.