how to change shell?


I've successfully compiled bash 2.04, but how do I change the default shell? I read somewhere that it has to be done through Netinfo, but I haven't a clue how. Any help would be appreciated.
open /Applications/Utilites/NetInfo Manager and authenticate yourself, then open /users/[username] and type the path to the shell you want.
Thanks! I found another way, from the command line (as root):
niutil -createprop / /users/username shell /bin/bash

Now I've compiled Bash 2.04 for OSX, and posted it, instructions on how to install it, here:

I have one problem - when I start a new shell from the Terminal program, Bash runs /etc/profile, but when I su, it doesn't run it and defaults back to its default appearance, prompt, etc. I haven't figure out where to put bashrc to make it initialize each time.
--- Jim
Just to let you know there is a setting under the preferences that lets you change the shell.