[how to] change the computer's name?


I have just finished formatting and setting up my G5's MacHD after it had the Start-up drive replaced (the previous just died) and I have ended up with the computer called "My name's Computer" - this is a problem because we have three computers and iSync knows this computer by another name, I watched during set-up for a chance to call the computer what I need it to be called but did not see such an option.
How can I now change the computer's name to the one iSync expects?
The important one is in Preferences under Sharing Preference. There you can set your computer name.

If you have a few networked machines you can go to Applications > Utilities > Directory Access and there set the bindings and names for other network protocols like LDAP and suchlike.

I think the only one you need to worry about is the name in the sharing prefs.