How to change the location of /Users?


Is there a way to move Users directory to another partition?

My primary partition is filling up, and I have an empty 500 meg partion, so it would be nice to move some of the directories to this partion.

I have not tried this but it should work...

first option; GUI (probably need to log in as root):
1- drag the Users dir to the new location (it will be copied, then delete the old one)

2- then command option drag the directory from its new location to the original location to make an alias

-- OR ---
from command line do the following:
(might need to do 'su root' and enter your password...)

1- cd to the top of the filesystem:
cd /

2- move the Users dir to where you want it...
mv /Users [destination directory or partition]

3- make a link (alias) to the new location in the old.
ln -s /newlocation/Users .

The second way is probably preferable. I wouldn't count on the first one working with everything (Terminal for example)
You're right sverre, the first option doesn't work. In the Finder symbolic links made with ln appear identical to aliases, but in terminal the aliases look just like ordinary files.
What I have done on my system is set up OS X on the Original 6 G HD, however in each users Documents folder I have created an alias to the documents folder on my other 30 GB HD I have also got many other files that I am linking to on that. Not too sure about permissions though I haven't looked since the users are only myself& my fiance