How to combine two PDF files to one PDF with Automator?


Does anyone know how to combine two PDF files into one PDF with Automator? When I specify which PDF files to use, apply the 'combine PDF files' action, the system cranks on the task for a while, then beeps indicating the action completed, but I cannot locate where the resultant file is, if there is any.

Does anyone know how to use this feature/create this workflow? The first PDF file I'm using is a picture printed to PDF, the other is a Microsoft Word document printed to PDF. All I want to do is place the 'picture PDF' in front of the 'document PDF'.

Yeah, I made a workflow to do this and I think there might be several at various "automator/scripting sites". It is pretty simple. Create this workflow...

1 - Ask for finder items
2 - Combine PDF pages
3 - Rename Finder items (I opted for make sequential and "add a number to __new__ name")
4 - Move Finder items (to desktop for me)

That will do it in a nutshell. Feel free to tweak away!

Many thanks for the tip I've been longing to find such utility and never heard of it before + i'm not a tiger user yet ...
Don't mention it :)

(Though I feel like a dumbass, as it was asked specifically for Automator. DUH!)
Passing on tips shouldn't make you feel like a dumb...whatever.... :confused:

I find it very useful to share other peoples experience in this forum eventhough I haven't "tigerised" my Imac G5 yet. So as long as there are answers for everybody's need feel free :)