How to configure iBook to type international characters?


I have been trying to find a way of typing the latin characters, such as ~^ç á à in my Mac. I downloaded the U.S. international.rsrc and placed it in my LibraryKeyboard Layouts folder, but everytime I log off, my Mac "forgets" it and I have to configure it again. Is there a way to fix it? I'm running Mac OS X Version 10.4.1 on a iBook G4.
Thank you! :rolleyes:
Most letters you can write with normal keyboard.. I would guess you have a US keyboard layout?

˜ on top of letters: alt-n then letter > ñãõ
¨ on letters : alt-u > äöï
´ : alt-e > éáó ...
` : alt-` (in US keyboard, on left of 1) > àèò ...
ç = alt-c