How to connect OS X and OS 9.2 Macs via Ethernet


Can anyone tell me how to connect a Mac using OS X and one using OS 9.2 (server) via Ethernet? AppleTalk and File Sharing are running on both Macs, and yet the server's not appearing in the "connect to server" dialog under OS X. Even manually typing in the IP adress of the OS 9.2 Mac doesn't help. It says no reply from file server.
I had this same problem a while back.
First: make sure all software is updated on both computers, be sure you're using the latest OS for each (9, and 10) then try connecting. If that didn't help at all, it may just be your cable or another problem.

For me it was my cable. I had to buy a complete set of tools and make my own Ethernet cable. It works now, so check your cable first. w3rd.

Sorry, I can't help much.
Thanks anyway, Trip!

It's not my cable, cause it works fine when I start up both Macs with OS 9. Seems to be a communication problem between OS's. I just realized, however, that I didn't upgrade my one Mac to OS 9.2, it's still on 9.1. I'll do that next :)