How to connect Powerbook 17" Using Netgear Double 108 mbps Wireless Firewall Router?


I have a wireless network using Netgear's Double108 mbps WGU624.I just bought a 17" Powerbook that I would like to connect wireless. Can somebody help me with a step by step procedure on how I can connect to it?
All new Powerbooks come with Airport built in.

Have you tried the Airport Assistant?
I've got a Netgear 54g router and it just detected the network and asked me if I wanted to connect to it. Things become more difficult if you've activated encryption though. You need to click the Airport icon at the top of the screen and select Other. You then need to type in the name of the network into the box, select the encryption method and paste the encryption key into the bottom box.
Best thing: first reset your router. There must be a little button somewhere you will need to press for few secs. Then turn on your powerbook and make sure your airport card is activated (there must be an icon in the top menu). Now you should open a browser (safari) and follow the instructions in your manual. I think the ip for the routers interface is You might also want to try For any details about the encryption and security options read your manual and ask more specific question here or use the search option of this site.
Last but not least: welcome to the forum. :)
I got my PB running wireless now. It turns out the Key password from the router was all I needed. Thanks again for quick response.