How To Convert Entourage Archived .rge Files To Import Into Windows Outlook 2010???

James Hubbard

I am trying to import entourage archived emails in windows outlook but i cant see any particular option in import wizard of outlook 2010 that will let me select the archived .rge file. I Asked to some technical team, they said that I will need to convert it first and there was a lot of technical talks. Me not being so techy didn't understand anything excepot for one point that I cant import these files directly, and I need to convet them.

Please help me out here, its really frustating.
.Rge format is not recognised by windows outlook import. Being a micrdosoft product, both these email clients have their own email database file format. You will have to convert .rge format to .pst (recognisable by outlook windows). Unfortynately it can only be done with the help of an application that converts .rge to .pst.

You can find several application on any search engine you use. Just type in "Entourage to PST Converter" and you will land on a page with numerous options.
One application that tops the charts is:

I hope this helps.
Thanks & Regards