How to delete trusted connection?


I was playing around and created a computer-to-computer network between my iMac and my TiVo since I have not yet received the Airport base station I mail-ordered. Now I'd like to delete the computer-to-computer network from the list of trusted networks but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Worse yet the iMac thinks this bogus network is the default and connects to it automatically rather than asking me to select a network.

I've seen posts here and on the discussion forums and I have yet to hear of anyone who's come up with a solution to this problem. I've looked through all the preference files, both in my directory and in /Library and /System/Library and have yet to find where it's storing this.

Since I created the computer-to-computer network with a WEP password you'd think that there would be a way to at least edit it but there doesn't seem to be, once the networks there it appears to be there for good.

Sure would be nice if Apple would create a utility to manage trusted networks...