How to disable Classic?



Does anyone know of a way to nicely disable classic? I run on 64 meg of RAM and OSX is fine until classic is launched by a badly behaved browser.

click on the System Preferences icon in the Dock. When the pane comes up with all the controls, click on the Classic icon (top left).

the Classic preference pane will open and give you a check-box to turn it off on the next boot.

There is no check-box stating that you can turn it off. if you want to turn it off you need to move the classic app out of the apps folder.
No checkbox? are you looking in the right spot? Here, check these out:


When you click on the System Preference icon in the Dock, the above window will open.
Click on the Classic preference icon in the top left.


When you click on the Classic Preference, the above preference pane will open.
Deselect the "start classic on login" checkbox. Doing so will prevent Classic from launching at startup.

He wants to disable it from not loading up at all even when an classic apps asks to open it up. so he wants it not to run period. Just drag the classic app out of the app folder and you should be set.
found a nice way to get rid of it. i can't stand that stupid thing and the way IE starts it every time i download something... well anyways; go into terminal and cd to your /Applications folder and su to root. then just enter the command:
chmod -x
that's it. no more hassle. i tried starting classic after this and it doesn't do anything. no errors, no nothing. nice to finally be rid of that
I didn't realize that he meant at that extreme.

changing the permissions on that is a handy trick -- how would one get it back?
you can just go into internet explorer prefs and find all of the file helpers connected to stuffit, and just delete them. and by the way.. what do you guys think of ie? i have trouble with pages when i'm scrolling and there is an embedded quicktime movie, etc.

if you have an external HD you can set classic to boot off that & leave it turned off until you need it.

ie is a bit flaky - i've had it just quit & disappear with no errors or anything - but it seems faster and more stable than omniweb b6 (although b5 was even more stable and b7 is supposedly coming out this week)
once the stability issues are worked out i'll probably switch to omniweb, even for its interface alone
Ok. What about logging in as root and moving clasic into a new folder.... OSX is actually stupid when it comes to these sort of things and can't find it if you hide it. Man I feel like I'm using windows.