How to: Format MMC Card??

Afternoon all,
Just a quicky.
I have a mmc card that i'm using in my Nokia 6230i. I want to format it and completely clear the memory so i have 256mb again. How do i do this with in plugged into my mac?
Thanks in advance.


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What's plugged in your Mac, the 6230i? Or the MMC in a card reader? Also: You'll probably never get 256 MB exactly, you'll get 235 or 242 or something, because, well, it's a tradition, an old charter or something Hugo Rune once might have said. Can't the 6230i format the card itself? That'd be helpful, because then you're sure that the format'll work in the mobile phone.
If you mount the card with a card reader so it appears on the desktop, you should be able to format it using Disk Utility (see /Applications/Utilities ...).
Just the job.
I was wondering why nearly 10mb's wasn't showing, thought that there may be something hidden but i guess it is normal, very misleading!
Also managed to find the format option on the phone.
Thanks for your reply!