how to get 16:9 format when you export iMovie to QT

gerard karelse

I have a iMovie project with 4:3 (SD) and 16:9 (HD) footage. I tried to export it (convert it) into QT.
I selected "maintain screen format" ( I guess!) but the 16:9 frames are converted (changed) to 4:3 clips.
I cannot figure out which (advanced option??) choice I have to make to get it right.
I want the 16:9 clips to stay 16:9 in the QT movie or mp4 movie.
BTW what is the best setting if I want the best possible picture quality (mpeg4, QT movie, advanced setting?)
If I choose "full picture quality" in the "export movie" screen the quality is not very good (too much compression, as you can also see
e.g. the 'size' of the movie after the conversion)

I still work with iMovie HD 6.04 (because I am used to it and couldn't find time to get into the newer versions)
Furthermore: Macbook Pro Maverick.

any help will be appreciated very much, Gerard (Netherlands)

gerard karelse

no thanks according to my profile dates is not true. First of all It was a long time ago, didn't see such an option, in every forum I post I express my appreciation. It is not an effort at all.