How to get a static ip from linksys router


Anyone know how to get a static ip address from a linksys router? For example I want my computer to always get and another one to always get 101 etc. There seemed to be an option for this in my old D-link router but can't find it on the linksys.
Basically assign a mac address to an ip.
Can it be done through Network prefrences?


You don't get a static IP address from the router. You choose a static IP address that is outside the normal range of the DHCP server. If the DHCP server issues IP addresses in the range of, then you can statically assign any address in the same subnet starting from In the Mac's Internet Prefs, it's best to use "Configure IPv4 Using DHCP with manual address," because the DHCP server also passes along the DNS servers that way.
Does that help?


I think he was trying to say he wanted DHCP to dole out the same address to him sort of like a DHCP reservation. I'm not sure if the linksys has that capabillity or not.


Exactly what I was saying NtAdmin101. I set it in system prefrences and it seems to be working but in the DHCP client list of the router it doesn't list my computer on there. Can't believe the router itself doesn't have that capability. I switched to linksys cause I was tired of the D-link having to reset for every change I made.