How to get apps to auto-start at boot?



I want to have several applications automatically load at boot and/or login. I do not see where there is a start up directory or some such thing to either throw the app or an alias? How is this done?

David Armour
How about starting CLI apps like Tomcat.
Where do you put the *.sh script so it can execute on boot up.
You have to create a startup script. Look in System/StartUpItems/ (not in X so it may be named slightly differently) and copy one of those folders to your user directory. Edit the files in this folder (start up item folder) so that they start the CLI app you want to start and then create a folder in your USERNAME/Library/ directory called StartUpItems/ (again I'm not in X at the moment so you need to check the name) and place the folder (start up item folder) in there.

Hope this makes since. This not for the faint hearted.

Good luck,
I've been using the login feature where I drop the apps in the window and it works. Then suddenly it will reset the preferences and either one, several or all apps will be removed. Im finding more bugs in this OS then positive things. And besides everything is just harder to do and takes more steps. apple has a very very long way to go.