How to have trash in the finder???


Times ago I sow on the net a screen shot with the trash on the desktop (not only in the dock)

Is there anyone can tell me how to enable this little fun option pleese???

Tanks anyway

... by Zeus...
I've just downloaded the software ...

I'd like to know the terminal connamd string to do this...

... Am I asking for too mutch??? ....

If you can post the string i'll appreciate (did I spell correct??) very mutch.

The Terminal command for this is:

defaults write Finder.HasTrash 1

Then you must either logout/login or force Finder to restart either by kill'ing it from the Terminal or using Cmd-Option-Esc and Relaunching it from there.
Does anyone know the terminal command to change a preference that is in 1 or more arrays? For example, inside there is an array called ComputerOptions (which has options about the Computer window) and in that there is ComputerIconViewArangeBy.

I think you're looking for the -dict-add option for a value. For the option you gave:

defaults write ComputerOptions -dict-add ComputerIconViewArrangeBy <newvalue>
Thanks, but it doesn't work when I type:

defaults write StandardViewOptions -dict-add Nlsv -dict-add Columns -dict-add 0 -dict-add ColumnWidth 200

It just says:

Jun 15 16:17:11 defaults[636] Cannot nest composite types (arrays and dictionaries); exiting

It works when I tried the one that I used as an example.

Are those values you're attempting to set more than one level deep? If so, I'm unsure as to whether defaults would work on which case, you may have to manually edit the plist file (~/Library/Preferences/
If there isn't a way, then I can't make a Realbasic program that can set the default column widths (without actually having it open up the file as text, which I don't know how to do anyway)! Does anybody know how to go multiple levels deep in the Terminal or is it just impossible?!

P.S. Thanks blb for all of your help! Do you mind if I put you in the Special Thanks of the Read Me file?
I am not that familiar with Real Basic but there are Carbon APIs calls to read/modify plist files. You should be able to stub those calls in RealBasic - if they are not already.