how to install 5G48


I managed to get the dmg file, but how do I install it?
I tried to install it by mount it and click on install program, but after restart nothing happened.
then I tried to burn it to cd with toast, but toast doesn't recognize the dmg file.
Well, of course nothing happened after you restarted! When you hit "Restart" under MacOS 9 in the MacOS X install window, it sets the starting volume to the disk it was launched from. This was a mounted dmg file, which is unmounted after you shut down OS 9.
And since you don't have an image file, I can't see a way to get this to work. MAYBE you can burn the files to a CD from the mounted dmg, but judging your experiences with dmg files, I would rather suggest to wait the two weeks till the official CD is released before trashing your whole system.

It's up to you, but if you trash your system with this disc, do us a favour and do not ask for help on this forum. After all, you are using an illegal beta!
then youre screwed.. you gotta have one to install it! unless ya got a few thousand floppies or something :)
I burned it with toast :p
I just went to my terminal first and ran teh command

hdiutil convert -format UDTO TargetImage.dmg -o OutputImage.img -noext

to convert it to a toast image and then in OS 9 used toast.