How to install Mac OSX onto 2nd new hdd then remove old OSX from old hard drive


Hi all,

I have a MBP 17" I7, currently running the 750gb hdd and i am about to remove the DVD drive and install a SSD into its slot and run 2 hdd's. Question is once i have installed the SSD,

1. How do i then go onto install OSX onto the SSD? my guess is just on the boot, boot the osx dvd that came with the MBP and install osx onto new drive?

2. and once thats fully operational i want to remove the OLD OSX from the 750 drive. In doing this i also want to keep my data (music, photos etc) that is on my old drive, but i dont have enough space to back it all up on external drives.
can i simply delete the old OSX folder after i have created a new folder on the drive outside of the OSX folder for my data?

I should probably also add, the 750hd is partitioned with bootcamp and running windows 7 (purely for gaming)

Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!

1. yes, that's a fine and fast way to do it if it's easy for you.
2. Yes, you can delete any files you like from the OLD 750GB drive. BUT, if you want to migrate all your preferences/email etc. you should use migration assistant to do that FIRST. If you just want to leave your MUSIC and PICTURES over there that should be fine too, as long as you know how to set this up in iTunes/iPhoto. For iTunes go to Advanced under preferences. For iPhoto, I don't know, maybe hold down option when you launch it? I manage photos in the finder and use Photoshop these days, so I just don't know.
Hi there,

thanks for that, if anyone wants to know this is how i did it. I removed any files that i could that werent needed for my OS (music, photos, and other junk), Made a time machine back up of my OS to an external hard drive. I then took out the 750gb HD and replaced it with my new corsair force GT SSD. Booted up and installed the OS X from my disc that came with my MBP. During the installation it actually asked me if i wanted to move files acrros from a time machine back up, and it did it all for me, i just pluged the external drive in, selected the time machine back up and away it went. once back in OSX it was just like i left it only running on my SSD. Then i installed bootcamp and partitioned and put in the windows 7 disc and installed that. Once both OS were operational, then i pulled out my DVD drive, installed the 750gb hard drive with my caddy and now i have both hard drives running. I simply pulled out any files i wanted from the 750 and put them into a seperate folder outside of the old OSX folder, and then removed the old OSX folder.