How to install OS X without booting from CD


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Here's how to install Mac OS X GM without to boot from the CD if you already have an earlier version (very important):

1. Startup running OS X (beta)
2. From the go menu select Applications and open the utilities folder.
3. Drag the OSInstall.mpkg file from Mac OS X Install CD>System>Installation>Packages onto the Installer app.
6. Enter admin password, and the install will begin!

Note: The color bar that shows how long the install process has come will sometimes not appear. Just wait...

(no, this is not the way to install on old machines, if you want to install on an old mac, visit , they will develop something to make OS X run on old macs)

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Could you give a bit more info please? Specifically:

What will happen to previous installations (PB etc.) if you do not install in this way?

Are there other packages involved in the install, and do they still install in this way?

I have to wait till Monday to get OS X :(
Yeah, installing over your PB isnt' good for anything. Basically, when you install the final over the PB, it just updates everything. It keeps all of your preferences, keeps root enabled, etc. etc.
BUT... you lose funtionality. I did this at first, and many things just didn't work. All in all, it's much better to just wipe yer PB and install 9.1 and then X final. Be sure to save all of your important stuff first, tho. :)