how to install safari on a mac osx 10.5.


I don't know too much about computers, so here it goes. I need to know the easiest way to install safari on my mac, so i can proceed to install itunes on my mac as well. My mac had itunes when I got it, but in trying to learn it on my own, somehow it got lost. I only bought a mac because i needed to download music to my ipod, and I inadvertenly lost 3 yrs of collecting music on the ipod while learning to work my mac. so please help. thank you


Where did you look for Safari and iTunes? If you looked only at the Dock, the row of items along the bottom of your screen, perhaps they aren't lost after all.

First, open a Finder window. Single click in some unoccupied space on your desktop. The word Finder should appear next to the Apple icon in the upper left.

Select the File menu and choose the Find entry. In the search box, upper right, type Safari and look at any results. If you see a line with name Safari and kind Application, single click on the line. At the bottom of the window it will reveal its actual location, something like

Macintosh HD / Applications / Safari

If you got it, navigate to that location and double click the file to open Safari. Repeat the above for iTunes.