how to login as console?


I am trying to install the Asante ethernet drivers for Mac OS X and i cannot access the extensions directory. I try to su to root and it does not accept my password! So I was thinking I could do this from the console, how do I login into the console? Thanks for any help.

Logging in as >console from the login screen (no password) takes you to the console login.
But if it doesn't accept your root password in the terminal, it won't from the console login...
Make sure you're typing the password correctly and that the caps lock is off. If it still doesn't accept the password, you might have a bigger issue... fortunately I believe this can be a known OS X problem, so some searching on various sites may provide a fix.

Well looks like apple patched that hole up because release 4K17 of Mac OS X does not allow let you reset root's password when started up in single user mode. Thanks for the comments anyway.

in the newer builds, you access/change the "root" passowrd by starting from the os x cd and when the installer window comes up, look in the install menu where you'll see the "reset password.." option.
current builds of osX no longer have a root password by default. they don't even have root access enabled. you have to use the NetInfo Manager to enable it and set a password. in netinfo, make sure you have unlocked the icon on the bottom left using your normal user password, then select Domain-->Security-->Enable Root User. it will prompt you for a new root password. don't forget it...