How to make 128x128 32-Bit Icons?


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Help! Has anybody seen a tutorial for making jumbo icons?

I just need to make a few icons, 128x128 with masking, and I don't want to spend money to do it.

I've searched many places for this info, but unfortunately "icon" is one of the more common words in the Mac lexicon.

All I want is to make a few nice Jennifer Lopez icons for my projects ;). If someone helps, I'll release a "starlets" icon set.


Here's what I already know: sells a Photoshop plugin...

There are lots of Classic apps for 32x32 icons...

GraphicConverter can save a large icon for a picture file, but without masking.

Good photoshop plugin. Though it's a plugin for a Classic app (photoshop) it still makes 128x128 icons with masking.

So... I got my Jennifer Lopez icon. It's attached below as a stuffit file (though I renamed the file to *.zip to obey the upload instructions).


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FYI -- the Jennifer Lopez icon is her upper torso.

She's wearing a sports bra and boxing gloves. She's in the middle of throwing a punch.


*Sorry* :)

Hard Drive/Developer/Applications/IconComposer

If you installed the Developer CD, then you have this nifty application too. It answers all my icon-creation needs, which are modest. It only took me 2 months to figure out -- thanks, Mac Addict!

Anyways, I now have a good quality set of "Hollywood Starlet" icons -- all Rated PG -- that I can put up if there is any interest. hasn't posted them yet, so maybe they didn't get thru quality control.

I've found that, when used sparingly, these icons add a nice dimension to any desktop. If you use all of them then your desktop can look like a (very high quality) porno site, :) especially if the icons magnify to 128x128 on your taskbar as you roll your mouse provokingly across their smooth, creamy visages...

All my projects have either insects (for hated clients) or different Mena Suvari's (for fun clients).