How to make a "Login Items" folder


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The login items System Preferences panel is really stupid. It edits the prefs of the OS X login panel app including which apps to launch when a user logs in. Unfortunately these prefs often get wiped, and they are also fragile because they are full UNIX paths instead of alias data. I also prefer to have a folder where I put my login items.

1) Open Script Editor (in /Applications/AppleScript)

2) Paste this script:

set user to "anarkhos"

tell application "Finder" to open every file of folder "Login Items" of folder "Library" of folder user of folder "Users" of startup disk

3) Change "anarkhos" to your username

4) When saving this script, change the Format to "MacOS X Applet" and click the option to "Never Show Startup Screen". This will make an application. Save it anywhere you want with any name you want.

5) Create a folder called "Login Items" in ~/Library/ and put anything you want inside (apps, files, aliases, whatever). I command-option-dragged all my login apps into it, which creates aliases (the mouse cursor changes to a link symbol when you do this to make it evident)

6) Clear the login prefs of all apps then add the applet you just made.

Now every time you login all items in your Login Items folder will be launched. There's probably a more efficient way to write the script, but this works and didn't take me any time to write.
Great work around and nice use of that hidden gem AppleScript.
'command +option drag item for shortcut is new for me. Will be very usefull. Thanks.
Keep 'em coming.