how to make quicktime films louder


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does anyone know how to make a quicktime film louder?
no, not the volume slider or the general volume of the computer ... what can i do when a film is still rather quiet despite the volume slider and system volume being maxed up? are there any tricks? quicktime seems to lack itunes' possibilities here, but there must be some way of bringing the volume up another little bit ...
any ideas?
Up to QuickTime 3 you used to be able to do this in the player, and if you're watching a movie in a browser window you still can:

hold the shift key and click on the sound button. There should be a volume slider that has lines dividing it into thirds. Each of those represents "100%", as in the very bottom is 0%, the lower line is 100% volume (with the normal slider), the upper line is 200%, and the very top is 300%.

Personally I'd love to have this ability in the QuickTime 5 player, but I haven't seen anything for it.
yeah, i wonder why they took that feature out ... shame.
thanks for the tip about the browser window, anyway ... :)
You know how when you're playing QuickTime movies, next to the timeline there's a graphic representation of the audiotrack? Little soundwaves going up and down, right? Click it, and you get controls, which will let you turn up the bass as well as the treble. Kinda like the old QT3 Trick....neat, eh?