How to Merge Two Imovie With Its Own Chapters ?


Hello Folks,

I just got my G4 Laptop and I am overwhelmed with iLife.. I am sure this is a stupid/newbie Q.. I have been able to successfully burn DVD using iMovie/iDVD. The challenge now I am having is that I have two iMovie files (30 min each) that I have edited and ready to burn.. Rather than burning two DVD's for 1/2 hr, I would like to make them into one, while still preserving their own chapters.. I have tried to export both into QuickTime (Full Mode), but I don't see the chapter bookmarks.

any tricks in doing this will be greatly appreciated..

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iMovie Professional
I have iLife 06, so I dont know if this will be the same for you, but did you try File -> Import -> Video in iDVD, then select your iMovie project(s)? I don't know if this will keep the chapter markers, but it's worth a try.