How to reformat harddisk with only OS X on?


PowerBook 500 (FireWire)
Mac OS X (on 1 partition, no Mac OS 9)

I want to reformat my harddisk (and get rid of OS X ) and put back OS 9.0.4 on it.

I've tried to:
- boot with the -original- MacOS 9 CD in the tray and holding down the 'C'-key :
my computer just ignores this and starts up in OS X. ((although the OS X CD shows up fine!))
- hold down the option-key while booting: only the harddisk shows up... ((again: no problem with the OS X CD))
- re-instal OS X: nothing changed
- connect the PowerBook to my G3 (beige) with a crossover cable and tried to select the PowerBook in the Drive Setup program on the G3: couldn't select the PowerBook (didn't appear in the selection-window)
- copy the systemfolder of the OS 9 CD to the harddisk and select this system: nada
- boot in OpenFirmware (command-option-O-F) and typed SET-DEFAULTS and then BYE: didn't change a thing
- boot in OpenFirmware and typed AAPL,ROM: got message: 'word unknown'...
- zap the PRAM: to no avail

There must be a way to reformat the thing... but how?

Can someone please help me out with this one?

tnx in advance!

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My PowerBook refused to start up from a system that's older than 9.0.2 (wich is on the 'recover CD' that joined the Book when I bought it).

Booting with that CD in the tray solved the problem!
I have run into that similiar problem. For some reason Mac OS X does not like to boot from a CD unless it is chosen as the bootable drive. This WILL work.

Insert MAC OS 9 CD
Click on SYSTEM PREFERENCES on the dock.
You WILL see the Mac OS 9 CD on that list. If you are not logged in as root, click the lock icon and it will ask for the root password. Keep your info in there and input your password. This should unlock it and make it possible to select the folder and then close by clicking red button. Logout by pressing command-q so that there are no open programs to give you problems, and then do a restart.

This same thing happened to me on my BronzePB and this works perfectly.