How to shutdown osX UI? (so i can use Xfree86)


does anyone know how i would go about shutting down the default OS X GUI? I installed the new Xfree86 Darwin binaries but i dunno how to have OS X startup at the console. thanx for any help
Log out to the OSX login screen. Type ">console" (w/out quotes) as the username and hit return.
First I would like to mention that people now have XFree86 running side-by-side with aqua. It's pretty cool (and hopefully only getting better). Basically, there is a hotkey to switch from X11 back to OS X, and then to go back, you click on a docked application. Way faster than VNC.

But, to do it from a console, just type >console into the login screen and press login. Poof! No Aqua. Just a console that scrolls very very slowly. But you can still type startx and have everything work. Problems appear when you need to end the X session -- I don't think it terminates properly, so the CLI console doesn't get redrawn to the screen. But the shell is still listening, so you can type startx to resume Xfree, or you can type exit to go back to the OS X login window.


PS. A lot more about all of this is posted on these boards. Search for Xfree86 to find it.
After I exit outta X Windows, I press ^D and that seems to get me back into the login screen.

How do I exit out of WindowMaker?

The only way I've been doing it is to kill it. There's got to be a better way...