How to Use (or burn) an ISO using Mac OS X


Hi guys,

I have an ISO which I originally grabbed from my PC, then transferred to my MAC.
How do I make this ISO a bootable DVD?
It's originally an .ISO extension, but I can't seem to get Disk Utility in Mac os X to recognise what it does, nor does Toast want anything to do with it.

Any suggestions on how to burn this ISO as a bootable DVD, or atleast mount the ISO so I can see its contents?


How about extract the ISO and make it into a burnable DMG? Or burn it with toast or... lets see google it... wait Toast does too support ISO's what kind of encryption is on it? ISO-9660, how was it created?

I'm leaving my post how I wrote it, I knew you had toast apparently (and it reads so up there), but it never processed in my mind. - It may have corrupt on the way over to your Mac.
Not sure what type of encryption it is, how can I find out?
I originally downloaded the two ISO's from my PC, then transferred via the network onto my MAC.
I've tried to use Disk Utility, and 'mount' it, but it doesn't work.
I've tried using Toast, it burns it, without a problem - but then when I insert the DVD, it says "no volume" on the DVD. (it doesn't work).

How can i 'convert' the ISO into a DMG?
hmmm, I originally downloaded the ISO which was a compressed ZIP, then when I unzipped it, it contained an ISO (so I can assure you it's not corrupt).

What else can I try?