[HOWTO] - Add new user dependent preference panes


To add new preferences to system preferences or move a preference so only one user can use it.

1) Decide which users of your computer should use the/your preference:

a) you want to use the tool with your own user account only
b) the tool should be available to all users of this computer
c) the tool should be available to a whole network of Mac OS X computers

3) Use the Finder to create a new folder with the name PreferencePanes. Depending on your decision in step (1) the folder must be created in

a) the folder Library in your home folder to make the prefrence avilable to only you
b) the folder /Library on your Mac OS X 10.1 startup disk prefrence avilable to everyone

Make a folder its name should be PreferencePanes. If the folder already exists, go to the next step.

4) Drag and drop the preference icon (depending on your preferences it might show up as myprefernce.prefPane) into the PreferencePanes folder.That's it!:)


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I knew part of this, but I didn't realize I could make that folder where it wasn't already. Thanks!