HOWTO Built in wireless router?


Can anyone help me set up my wireless router?

I have a PC and a Mac OS 9.2 i want to use the internet on both at the same time ive set up the PC fine but I cant set up my Mac! has my mac got a built in wireless router and if so how can I set this up?

This might be a really easy thing to do but I am stuck

Can anyone help me :(


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Um....RTM? :D Seriously though, have you read the manual for the router? It should give you some instructions on how to set up everything from the router's end.

Which model router do you have? Maybe we can provide the link for you to the manual online.


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Before I start, I really have to suggest you read the Sticky in this forum which says in large capital letters "READ ME BEFORE POSTING":
This forum is NOT for asking questions.

Anyway, to answer your question we'll need a little more information. I've never heard of such a thing as an internal wireless ROUTER; many (most) Macs have internal wireless cards (AirPort or AirPort Extreme). If this is the case, sharing the Internet between the machines will require a lot more information about the set up you have: is it broadband? How does it connect to the PC? Does the PC have a Wireless access card?


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Your Mac does not have an internal router. It may have an Airport card installed for wireless networking.

The easiest way would be to buy a wireless router.