[HOWTO] - Cool Keyboard/Mouse Combos


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I discovered this on accident:
In practically any app, press control+w to cycle through open windows (except for minimized ones). To go in the opposite direction, press control+shift+w. These key commands seem to work in every application, except for IE. In some apps like Photoshop and Flash, it doesn't work quite right either (I think this has something to do with floating windows...).


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Heyo iPenguin. Yet another of the flightless Winged Species... and stuff. anyways. the Ctrl-W feature is part of 'Full Keyboard Access'. i changed mine to something like Ctrl-L cus Ctrl-W is 'Find' in pico, which is far superior in my mind for CLI text editing than vi. why vi is default i have no idea.


(iPengu anyone? :p )


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here's a little tid-bit i found in the universal acces system preference. it isn't really easter egg but it was unknown to me that it could be done.

it is called the zoom feature: option + command + *(8) turns on the zoom from any where. pressing option + command + +(plus) or - (minus) you can zoom in and out on the active desktop. i'm sure isn't really anything new, but it's rather fun to play with, especially with pictures.


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Originally posted by zootbobbalu
Here's a couple of keyboard shortcuts I've come across for Jaguar.

To open Application folder (Jaguar)
Command + Shift + A

To open Favorites folder (Jaguar)
Command + Shift + F
this also works for:

Home (Command + Shift + H)
Computer (Command + Shift + C)
iDisk (Command + Shift + I)

but for some reason Desktop (Command + Shift + D) was overlooked


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Well, everyone knows that you can take a screenshot of a portion of the desktop by pushing Cmd-Shift-4, but you can also take a shot of individual elements by subsequently pushing space. Also, in IE, space is page down while Opt-space is page up, and delete is page back while shift-delete is page forward. Further, in Cocoa and some Carbon apps, the red close button will have a black dot in the middle if a document contains unsaved changes. (Doesn't anyone read Macaddict/Macworld?)


Here is another good one: First of all, press alt cmd 8: start/stop to enabled a kind of zoom mode, then press alt cmd ^ to zoom in at the position of the mouse cursor. You can zoom in to a single pixel. Use alt cmd ' to zoom out.


That was a complete nightmare, it certainly did not turn out to be completely cool! There doesnt seem to be any way changing back to colour without restartig. Once I had restarted, all my dock icons had been reset to the default icons, many preferences had also been changed. I think apple should remove the ctrl-optn-comm-* shortcut!


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Owaters: press the combination again and it flicks back.

Here's a neat one for iTunes. Option-Click the random-play button to reshuffle the list!


10.2.6: hold down the OPTION key and shut down, restart, or log out from the apple menu. It's automatic. No "Are you sure..." prompt.


Originally posted by David Simmons
Anyone found a keyboard combo to open the CDROM drive from a non Apple Keyboard?
Just hold down f12 for a second or 2, it will pop open. Do it again to close it.


My favorite keyboard combo is holding down the shift key and then pressing the yellow minimize button on a window. The window goes to the dock in slow motion. Hold shift and click an item in the dock and it maximizes in slo-mo as well. :)

I don't know why it's in there... but it sure looks cool on new graphics cards.


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owaters: The control for that function is in the Universal Access preference pane.

Deny: That effect works perfectly well on my iMac, and it's ever so cool (though completely inefficient).


Just figured this out, or maybe I knew this once and already posted it (but I'm too lazy to read this entire post to see if it's been posted before).

You can scroll horizontally with the scroll wheel of you mouse (if you have one) by holding down the shift key as you scroll away. This is really useful in a column view in the finder when you are deep within your file system.

Enjoy!! (or maybe re-enjoy)