HOWTO: Download Album Artwork for iTunes


I think my way to find Album Artwork for my Itunes songs is very simple but very useful, so I share the idea...

lets say you want from Abba -the Gold Cd album artwork, then you go to (choose large), type “abba gold cd” and then u drag the the thumbnail image from google to iTunes n voila! job done. Quality is as good as iTunes. Browse for the album artwork image that you like the most. for example following this case type “ABBA cd” to get even more images from Abba to include as album artwork for your songs in Itunes.

Drag n drop directly from the google thumbnails to itunes. I hope you guys enjoy "Chris Tico `s way" ; )

check it out the image for the Gold Cd by ABBA:

or u can go the difficult way to get directly from itunes the artwork

Chris Tico

Just a heads-up for anyone who doesn't know: iTunes stores the image data in the song files themselves. So if you apply an image to 20 tracks of an album, that image will be inserted into all 20 of those tracks. For this reason, it's best to use reasonably small images. I used giant 500K images for a while assuming iTunes used references. What a waste of disk space that was!
crcr2003 said:
...u can also go to amazon, double click the image of the album...
Just being an anal-retentive dude here, but next to nothing on the web is double-click. Links and clickable HTML elements are always single-click.

there's a way to do it "automatically" by using fetch art it save a lot of time as it does search or or .de for you.

If it doesn't find the artwork then you can apply the "manual" drag and drop I often look into or as alternative sources for artwork.
That fetch art program is fantastic, makes the job a LOT quicker, the only slight problem is that if you're in the UK (like me :)) then when you rip a cd, iTunes likes to put "[UK]" after the album name which means that fetch art can't find it, but if you edit the info of the tracks to get rid of the "[UK]" (also sometimes "disk 1" etc. can cause it some problems) then it usually has no problem finding the art.

Quality :D
I think Apple should just do that for us. Or CDDB, rather. When I rip the CD into my computer, iTunes looks up pretty much all information needed on that specific CD - but not album art. I think _that's_ where this should be integrated. But, of course, until then, we need workarounds...
I've moved the thread to the HOWTOs. Guess it's the right place after all...
---So I decided to get rid of it. I'm no expert but I did a finder search and found all it's locations and trashed it, with one exception. The exception shows as a Fetch Art scpt. The parent is listed as Scripts, the modified date is Jun 1st 2005 and the size is 4KB.When highlighted it's location is not revealed. The 'get info' tells me I have 'Read Only' permission and there is no option to modify it.
My questions are: What is this and how do I get rid of it?
I hope I'm posting in the right place.
Thank you in advance.
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the problem here is that all the issues addressed in this thread are for single tracks, not albums.when you drag an imafe across from the wenb to itunes, it adds it to that song. great, now i have an album with one track with an artwork label. Synerg, the iTunes remote etc grabs info for the track off the internet, and plonks it in a folder. when another song comes on from that album, it's already there, so it displays it. only problem with this is that Front Row/ipod doesn't pick up on it.
I got the wrong artwork installed with half an album---don't ask how, I've no idea. How do I remove it without deleting the album and re-importing?
It's easy to add artwork to multiple tracks at a time. Just select them all, get info (command-I), drag/paste in the artwork, and hit OK. Boom, it's applied to all tracks. It's just like changing any other tag.

The problem with this is that the image data is actually embedded into every single mp3 file, which is a bit of a waste of space.

To remove album art from multiple tracks at once, it's basically the same thing. Select all, get info, and then just check the little box next to the empty image placeholder, to signify that you mean for it to apply your new (empty) image tag to the files. Hit OK, and now you have clean, artwork-free tracks.
down albumart widget and when you click on your song in itunes the widget will locate the album cover .double click and it places the image in itunes