[HOWTO] Get rid of Word/Excel viruses


Happy Birthday Shankar! is one of the well-know messages poping to you if your Word documents have been infected by macro-viruses.

What are macro-viruses ?
Macro virus is a malicious program that is written by using the macro language of a program such as Word. The virus propagates itself among data files and can harm your files or your computer's operating system.
Word macro viruses do not travel freely over the Internet or any other media; they can only be transferred when a user opens a document or template that contains the virus macro.
Macro viruses cannot be transferred by e-mail, unless an affected document is embedded in the e-mail message and the receiver opens the document.

How can I get rid of ?
Just follow this link.
This page full details all the procedures for removing macro-viruses.

Philippe, from the Tech team.