[HOWTO] - Mounting Shrinkwrap .img's in OSX


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Ok, after trying for quite some hours over a few nights and not getting anywhere, I finally have found a method for mounting Shrinkwrap images in OSX! No more booting into Classic!! Woo hoo!

Its as simple as this:

Download and install the latest release of Roxio Toast, either preview or release will work fine.
Open Toast and choose "mount image" from the utilities menu. Select your Shrinkwrap .img and it will appear on your desktop.

You CANNOT choose "disk image" from the GUI window then "select image" this will get fussy and result in not allowing you the option of mounting the image.

Just think of all the times you got chapped about not mounting those pesky Shrink wrap .img's and all along the solution was this easy. Don't worry I feel really dumb about this too. :)

NOTE!!!- Toast is rather finicky over which Shrinkwrap .img's it will choose to work with, it will mount some of them and will "gray out" others.
Could a "techie" look into this and see what the difference could be between two .img's which would cause Toast to behave this way?
I see no visible sign of discrepency issues.

Alternate method worth trying
Open Disc Copy and choose "convert image" from the "image" menu. Select the image and see how disc copy handles it. usually it will succesfully convert the image but disc copy will, "unexpectably quit". Dont worry, the image is in tact and mountable.
I could not mount any of my ShrinkWrap image files in OSX using Toast method you suggested. I tried 5.13 in both OSX and OS9.22 and neither would work, showing only grayed out file names for the ShrinkWrap images.

I have also tried Disk Copy (OSX 10.1.2) and same in OS9 version 6.33xxx? And neither worked for Shrinkwrap while booted from OSX.

All my Shrinkwrap image files work in booted OS9.22 and earlier OS. I originally chose Shrinkwrap because the image files mounted much more quickly in OS 8 & 9.

I did experiment earlier and converting an image using Shrinkwrap in OS9.22, to Apple Disk Copy format 6.xx. I think this image would mount in OSX under Disk CopyX.

I would have to convert all my existing Shrinkwrap files to the above Disk Copy format to be able to mount them in both OS9.22 and OSX. But they would open much more slowly in 9.

If anyone has another suggestion that works, please post. TIA
I tried this with four different Shrinkwrap files, but i always get the error:

"Toast could not detect the format of *Name Image*. Click Continue if you are sure that this is a valid disc image."

When i click that, the finder gives the error that i inserted an blanck disc (the same when you insert a CDR). That's all, nothing mounts...
Too bad. Lucky most of the Shrinkwrap's are disappearing, and the Toast images are áppearing...
Shrinkwrap is a pretty old software. The format is not the same as 'modern' .img, .smi and .dmg images. And no, you can't simply mount them the way you suggested. (The system by itself doesn't understand the Shrinkwrap format.)